jQuery Ajax Tutorial and Example

Before we are going with example let’s read something about jQuery and AJAX.

In this example we are submitting a simple form using AJAX.

To create a form first we are creating a database with name “ajax”.

Create a config file with name config.php.

$dbhost = "localhost";   //replace it with your host name
$dbuser="root";               //replace it with your database username
$dbpassword="";             // replace it with your database password
$dbname="ajax";            // replace it with your database name

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Lets see a typical HTML5 page markup:

<!doctype html>
               <li><a href="#">link 1</a></li>
               <li><a href="#">link 2</a></li>
               <li><a href="#">link 3</a></li>
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Add videos in Joomla article

Firstly go to the administrator panel of your Joomla site by going to the link


After login go to “site” and select “global configuration”.

  1. In the site settings section there is “Default Editor” option.
  2. Change it to “Editor – TinyMCE” and save.

Go to “extensions” and select “Plug-In Manager”.

  1. Select “Editor – TinyMCE”.
  2. In the basic options (in the right side), change the value of “Clean code on save” to “Front Only”, by default this value is “Always”.
  3. In the end on this section change the value of “Prohibited Elements” to “script,applet” and by default the value is “script,applet,iframe”.
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