How to delete file in PHP

To delete the file from server we use unlink()

$filename = "testfile.txt";

$file = fopen('test.txt', 'a');
fwrite($file, 'how to delete file');
unlink('test.txt');//delete test.txt file.

Difference between strstr and stristr in php

strstr() and stristr both are used to find the first occurence of the string.

stristr( ) is case insensitive and strstr( ) is case sensitive.

string strstr ( string $haystack , mixed $needle [, bool $before_needle = false ] )

The input string.
If needle is not a string, it is converted to an integer and applied as the ordinal value of a character.
If TRUE, strstr() returns the part of the haystack before the first occurrence of the needle (excluding the needle). By default it is FALSE.

strstr() – Find first occurrence of a string Continue reading

.htaccess and its features

HTACCESS means HyperText Access.

.htaccess files should be used in a case where the content providers need to make configuration changes to the server on a per-directory basis, but do not have root access on the server system.

Some main features of .htaccess file are:

  • ability to password protect folders
  • ban / allow users using IP addresses
  • stop directory listings
  • enable complete error reporting
  • redirect users to another page or directory automatically
  • create and use custom error pages
  • Adding MIME types
  • Setting server timezone
  • Enable SSI (Server Side Includes) with .htaccess
  • Ensuring media files are downloaded instead of played
  • Preventing requests with invalid characters
  • change the way files with certain extensions are utilized
  • use a different file as the index file by specifying the file extension or specific file.