Types of Errors in PHP

Basically there are four types of errors in PHP, which are as follows:

  1. Parse Error (Syntax Error)
  2. Fatal Error
  3. Warning Error
  4. Notice Error

1. Parse Errors (syntax errors)

The parse error occurs if there is a syntax mistake in the script; the output is Parse errors. A parse error stops the execution of the script. There are many reasons for the occurrence of parse errors in PHP. The common reasons for parse errors are as follows:

Common reason of syntax errors are:

  • Unclosed quotes
  • Missing or Extra parentheses
  • Unclosed braces
  • Missing semicolon


echo "Cat";
echo "Dog"
echo "Lion";


In the above code we missed the semicolon in the second line. When that happens there will be a parse or syntax error which stops execution of the script, as in the following image:


2. Fatal Errors

Fatal errors are caused when PHP understands what you’ve written, however what you’re asking it to do can’t be done. Fatal errors stop the execution of the script. If you are trying to access the undefined functions, then the output is a fatal error.


function fun1()
echo "Siddharth Jain";
echo "Fatal Error !!";


In the above code we defined a function fun1 but we call another function fun2 i.e. func2 is not defined. So a fatal error will be produced that stops the execution of the script. Like as in the following image.


3. Warning Errors

Warning errors will not stop execution of the script. The main reason for warning errors are to include a missing file or using the incorrect number of parameters in a function.


echo "Warning Error!!";
include ("Welcome.php");


In the above code we include a welcome.php file, however the welcome.php file does not exist in the directory. So there will be a warning error produced but that does not stop the execution of the script i.e. you will see a message Warning Error !!. Like in the following image:


4. Notice Errors

Notice that an error is the same as a warning error i.e. in the notice error execution of the script does not stop. Notice that the error occurs when you try to access the undefined variable, then produce a notice error.


$a="Siddharth Jain";
echo "Notice Error !!";
echo $b;


In the above code we defined a variable which named $a. But we call another variable i.e. $b, which is not defined. So there will be a notice error produced but execution of the script does not stop, you will see a message Notice Error !!. Like in the following image:



So in this article you saw types of errors in PHP. Using this article one can easily understand the concept of errors in PHP.

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